Clinical Repurposing of Medicines is Intrinsic to Homeopathy: Research Initiatives on COVID-19 in India



As at mid-October 2020, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has been continuing on the rise across the globe, including in India. Historically, homeopathy has been used in a number of epidemics/pandemics. The development of homeopathic medicines is approached uniquely through “drug provings” and clinical verification; these two intrinsic processes establish the background for the application of homeopathic medicines, regardless of nosological diagnosis. This article reflects research initiatives on COVID-19 in India and identifies studies listed in the Clinical Trial Registry–India database. We identified 29 studies being undertaken in different settings, including those in conventional medicine: 20 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) and 9 observational studies. Fifteen studies are aimed at prophylaxis and 14 are aimed at treatment. Amongst the treatment studies, 11 are focused on efficacy or comparative effectiveness. The findings might provide evidence for clinically repurposing some of homeopathy's medicines, an approach that is intrinsic to the therapy, enabling their use in COVID-19 as an adjuvant or stand-alone to help reduce costs and improve patient recovery.

Reference: Varanasi, Roja, Debadatta Nayak, and Anil Khurana. "Clinical repurposing of medicines is intrinsic to homeopathy: research initiatives on COVID-19 in India." Homeopathy 110.03 (2021): 198-205.

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