What are the advantages of Homeopathy in developing immunity to combat COVID-19? Dr. P Banerji writes

World Health Organization (WHO)'s May 14 statement about COVID-19 that the pandemic virus “may never go away” makes the need to boost immunity against the virus more important than ever before. In this context, eminent Kolkata-based homeopath Dr. Pratip Banerji has written about The advantages of homeopathy in developing immunity in combating COVID 19, from the perspective of being a fourth-generation homeopath with over 30 years’ of experience as a practitioner and a researcher, belonging to a family of homeopaths who have treated patients for over 150 years.

The outbreak and spread of Covid19 has left most of us panic-stricken as people across the globe strive to combat this pandemic.

The primary issue is that this is a viral infection, and we as human beings have no natural immunity to viruses. While the frontline medical community, actually facing the pandemic, is doing a very good job despite all and every limited resource available to them, the research community is perplexed because any useful and viable vaccine/virus targeted treatment will take at least 18 to 24 months from the drawing board to disbursement and application. The only real and effective way for a population to combat a viral infection, is to develop “Herd Immunity”.

Herd immunity can only be developed in two ways, firstly, by massive cross community infection or secondly, by mass vaccination. Since allowing massive cross community infection is unwise as this may result in devastating consequences, we are left with the option of vaccination, which is not viable as there will be no relief in this respect before 18 to 24 months.

Another problem with vaccinations is that they are viral strain specific, the scientific community also knows that mutation of viruses is a given fact and it has already been
reported that the Corona viral strain in India has already mutated from the original strain that caused the outbreak in China. The Covid virus found originally in humans in Wuhan, China has been labelled Type A. Subsequently, there has also been detection of Type B and C, which seem to differ amongst different races of humans. Due to this, and due to the fact that there will be further mutations, there is a fear that different strains of the virus may not respond to vaccines whose sphere of action will necessarily be limited to certain strains.

Thus, we are all caught in a difficult situation. Adding to the difficulty, is the fact that we are faced with incomplete or erroneous data as to the extent of the infection in the population, as many of the tests that have been done and are the basis of our tracking of the disease, have been found to be of low reliability in many cases giving false positive or negative results.

Historically, each and every Epidemic / Pandemic faced by mankind has brought us down to our knees. The conventional system of medicine seeks to cure by killing the disease producing agent, because of this the design of their arsenal against disease originates in the laboratory.

The product is first tested in-vitro (in the test tube or petri-dish, outside the living organism), then in-vivo (research or work is done with or within an entire, living organism) and only later human trials are done and if the product is found to be effective, it is approved and let out for use.

Due to this laborious process, reaction or response time from infection to effective prevention and treatment is delayed, allowing the contagion to wreak havoc amongst the infected populace. At the same time, every vaccine produced has its incubation period for production and distribution and premature use in the general public in mass scale may have potential dangers.

Currently, conventional treatment of Covid 19 infections is being done with some anti-viral medicines and anti-biotics. While these anti-viral medicines were found to have some effect on earlier SARS and MERS infections, which were caused by a similar virus, so far there is no definite information that they are having an effect on Covid 19 cases.

Anti-biotics are usually used to treat bacterial infections and have no effect on viruses and at best may help secondary bacterial infections in Covid 19 positive cases. This is where Homeopathy has its advantages. Homeopathy is an accredited and recognized system of medicine in India and for this reason alone, there should be no bar to its use in any disease, let alone COVID 19. This system of medicine is in very popular use and other than this, historically homeopathy has an excellent track record in the treatments of Epidemics/Pandemics. Homeopathic medicines are safe to use and we can expect very little, if any, side- effects as can be experienced by using other systems of medicine.

In homeopathy an agent is used to treat the same symptoms in a diseased human being, that it can produce in a healthy one. Thus the homeopathic arsenal against any disease already exists and it is only a question of matching the symptoms of the contagion to the known symptoms of a medicine which is the most similar. Taking this into consideration the symptoms and the physical systems the Covid 19 is affecting, can be analyzed and a Protocol for treatment can be designed. Thus the reaction time between diagnosis and treatment is reduced dramatically.

As many studies have shown, our medicines, have the power and capability to boost the immune system. Boosting immunity is exactly what is required in the battle against this disease to prevent, as well as help patients recover from this contagion. Our protocol is designed keeping this in mind and medicines are also matched, in a specific manner, according to different problems faced by the patients in various stages of the infection.

We have tremendous success in treating viral diseases, such as the common cold and different types of flu, dengue, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, shingles, hepatitis B and C, herpes and cold sores, polio and even the odd case of rabies. Thus, we are confident that we will make a difference in the fight against Covid 19. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all other medical systems against the most virulent threat so far faced by the population.

The Protocol has been put up on our website, www.pbhrfindia.org please have a look through the link: https://pbhrfindia.org/posters-notices/258-banerji-protocols-for-covid-19.html We have been reaching out to premier institutions across the world, especially in those countries which have been dealing with the outbreak before India, to gather information and case studies as to their successes and failures against the virus.

Taking into account the above information and our experience in treat viral diseases we have formulated a specific protocol for the disease. This Protocol is available on our website, and within the first two days we already have had 13,000+ hits on the page and various enquiries from all over the world. We are one of the largest homeopathic institutions in the world and we are treating patients in more than 200 countries through our online facility. We also run a charitable clinic which has a daily patient footfall of 1000 – 1200. Our legacy encompasses 150 years and four generations.

Armed with this background, along with our work in collaborative research with many premier institutions around the world on cancer and various diseases, our data accrual system is of highest international standards. Today we stand ready with this knowledge and experience and are equipped to share and spread this knowledge amongst all who can use it for the benefit of the population.

In this scenario we are getting many enquiries from Covid positive cases and are in the process of getting into place a “Covid 19 Survey”, in collaboration with an American colleague, associated with a major American University. Through this survey, we will be able to gather data and observe the effects of our medicines on prevention and treatment of cases, but it is too early to share information on these developments. Results of this will help to validate my suggestions for a successful measure for all to build an effective immunity against Covid 19, circumventing the 18 to 24 months required to create a useful conventional vaccine.

I think what is being done right now in our country/state, that is identification of micro-hotspots, enforcing total lockdown and testing suspicious cases, is a good move by the government.

When the need for lockdown ceases, it will be necessary for a phased unlocking of the situation as a sudden unlocking may trigger the second wave of infection. Also important, and this is being enforced, is to spread sanitary awareness to populations most prone to spread, such as those where it is impossible to maintain “Physical Distancing” and appeals for civic sense and social responsibility amongst populations who are in defiance / denial of their vulnerability to this infection thus posing a threat to all efforts by the aware and the Government to deliver the country “Corona Free”.

Be Safe, Stay Calm, Stay At Home, Close to your Loved Ones…

Emergency covid kit should kept in every homoeopathy clinic

Homeopaths can now treat COVID patients. AYUSH Ministry issues guidelines to treat COVID-19 patients as adjuvant. Permission from local health authorities to be obtained.
So these Medicines should keep in every clinic. It can use according to symptoms which mentioned in Picture.

Note: This medicine we are telling as Emergency covid kit with reference of Covid Case