Opt for homeopathy medicine: DG office, Aurangabad

AURANGABAD: The director general of police’s office has issued an internal circular asking all the policemen to opt for the prescribed homoeopathy medicine for prevention as well as treatment of Covid-19.
The circular has come at a time when high number of policemen are getting infected with Covid-19 in the state. At the same time, state health machinery has began treating Covid-19 patients with allopathy medication.
While asking the policemen to go for homoeopathy medication, the state police headquarters has asked all the commissioners and superintendents of police to record the effectiveness of the medication on Covid-19 positive policemen, symptomatic or asymptomatic, and update the DGP office about the same.

As per the instructions issued earlier this week by additional director general of police S Jagannathan, the state police are trying their best to bring a check on the spread of Covid-19. However, while performing their duties, policemen and officers are found getting infected with the virus.

So as to prevent the policemen and officers from getting infected, homoeopathy medicine ‘Arsenicum Album 30’ is being supplied. Similarly, ‘Camphor 1m’ homoeopathy medicine will be provided by the state police headquarters.

Citing that the instructions of the doctors for boosting the immunity, the circular states that four pills of Camphor 1m should be consumed twice for two days on empty stomach and avoid consuming anything except water for 30 minutes after consuming of pills.

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