Aurangabad police distribute homeopathy immunity boosters to personnel & families

Aurangabad: The city police has procured a homeopathy medicine, believed to boost immunity, in bulk quantities for distribution among its personnel who have been given the reponsibility of keeping a check on unruly citizens venturing out amid the lockdown.

The medicine has been purchased not only for the police personnel, but also for their family members.
Authorities said the medicine, which goes by the name of Arsenicum Album 30C, is one of the immunity boosters most recommended by homeopathy practitioners. The medicine has already been distributed among tha families of many personnel.

While being handed over the medicine, each cops istold how the medicine helps in boosting immunity. The personnel are also being asked to maintain social distancing and wash hands at regular intervals.

Those posted at the police stations will get the medicine from the in-charge. For those posted at the headquarters, the medicines will be given by the officers there.

Commissioner of police Chiranjeev Prasad told TOI, “Apart from taking the precautionary measures, boosting immunity remains one of the most vital ways of fighting this deadly infection.”

“We had placed a bulk order and got over 3,500 medicine bottles, enough for supplying to each of the police families. The distribution has already started. We have recommended that each family member should have four pills on an empty stomach every morning for three consecutive days,” said Prasad.

Police said that they had studied the cases of those who have been infected by Covid-19 and have also recovered. While studying the cases, they found that those with better immunity turned out to be the survivors.

A deputy commissioner of police, who was part of the procurement process, said, “We took the decision of obtaining the homeopathy medicine after reading a series of news about Covid-19 survivors and also speaking to health experts.”

The large quantity of medicine was procured with the help of a city-based homeopathy college, said the officer.

Echoing the police chief, homeopathy practitioner Vilas Jagdale said, “This medicine is known for boosting immunity. With no established medicine for treating Covid-19 positive patients, boosting immunity remains a key in fighting the infection.”

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