Almost the whole world is suffering from pandemic known as COVID-19 by one or the other way, irrespective of economic, technologic, weapon, political advantages they have. Homeopathic remedies have been used as prophylactic to prevent the epidemic since centuries. This site gives information on homeopathy in respect to COVID-19.

Tracing the history it was Hahnemann who first applied the genus epidemicus in 1799 during a scarlet fever epidemic he treated in the German town Königslutter. It is an interesting story that how how Dr. Hahnemann had accidentally discovered the genus epidemicus. A few members of large family with scarlet fever approached Dr. Hahnemann for treatment. He noticed that a child already under the doses Belladonna for other problem did not develop symptoms of scarlet fever. That was the moment he discovered Belladonna as a prophylactic for the entire family which he administered to all of them. Hahnemann concluded that a remedy that rapidly cures at the onset of an illness would be the best preventative.

Homeopathy was successfully applied during the epidemic of Spanish flu in 1918-19, where around 20 million people died globally. Mortality rate in homeopathic treated population was 1-2%, whereas it was 30-60% in people treated by conventional physicians. Chikungunya, dengue fever, acute encephalitis/japanese encephalitis, cholera and dengue were also successfully managed with homeopathy.

Recenlty Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India has published the recommendation of Expert Committee constituted by CCRH for the using of Arsenicum album 30CH as Genus epidemicus for prevention. Following that, many governments and autonomous bodies under different governments have used this as prophylactic. Apart from that, many other stalwarts have suggested possible role of other drugs in the current situation. A group of homeopaths from Italy have published an observational study of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients. None of the patients was required hospitalization.

This site contains database on homeoeopathy in respect to COVID-19.


  1. Evaluating the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicine in preventing the COVID-19 through Observational Analytical Prospective Cohort Study.

    Introduction: in present pandemic situation as no definite measure available rather than preventing the present COVID 19 disease, it is necessary to evaluate the efficacy of homoeopathic medicine in this regard, as it has capacity to abort the illness.
    Literature review: lots of individual cases are available which speak the success of homoeopathic medicine in curing the viral disease.
    Aim & Objective: To find out the preventive efficacy of homoeopathic medicine in COVID 19 DISEASE outbreak at the community level.
    Objective: 1.Quarantine population will be identified with the present criteria (Contacts)
    2. Preventive medicine (Arsenic Album or as per researcher knowledge) will be given to all contacts.
    3. Control and study group will be followed up to 28 days to compare the outcome (disease)
    Method: For this study all the quarantine population will be divided in two groups. (i.e. & B).The A group quarantine population will be given preventive medicine. B group will be control group so placebo will be given. Usual case taking with special History of contacts with diseased person will be recorded. Both the group will be observed for the 28 days as the present observational guideline.
    Type of study/study design: Analytical Prospective Cohort Study.
    Sampling: All the Quarantine population of one area will included in one group & for the control group all the quarantine population of another area will be included.
    Exclusion Criteria: High Risk Population (old people, Co morbidity with respiratory disease) will be excluded looking as ethical issue.
    Method of data analysis: All the data will be collected in the Excel sheet with individual group & outcome.
    This will be represented in 2*2 table as follows then appropriate statistical (Chi square test) test will be applied.

    Developed Disease
    COVID 19
    Not Developed Disease
    COVID 19

    Group A ( Received preventive medicine )

    Group B ( Not Received preventive medicine )


    1. Dear Sir/Madam,
      Excellent preliminary synopsis. You can do such studies as notified by Ministry of AYUSH here: https://www.covidhomeo.com/2020/04/ministry-of-ayush-notifies-that.html

      You may submit a proposal under EMR Scheme. Details are here: https://www.covidhomeo.com/2020/04/invitation-for-research-proposals-under.html

  2. Will MPH scholars be allowed to do the above research?

  3. Yes, demographic/population studies may be conducted.

  4. Definitely Arsalb gives very hopeful results

  5. ars alb having upregulating the immunological markers such asCD4 count,absolute Cd8 count,absolute absolute CD3 count,absolute lymphocyte count,and CD4:CD8ratio among the resident of covid 19 related hot spots in Kerala

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