Ministry of AYUSH notifies that scientists, researchers, clinicians can undertake research on COVID-19 thorugh homeopathy and other AYUSH Systems - Sources

Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, has notified today to undertake research on COVID-19 through homeopathy and other AYUSH systems including prophylactic measures, intervention during quarantine, asymptomatic and symptomatic cases of COVID-19, public health research, survey, lab based research, etc. to generate evidence.

Further it states that while undertaking research, it is mandatory for the organisations to comply with following conditions:

(i) The proposals should be approved by their scientific advisory bodies and institutional Ethics Committees.
(ii) If it is clinical trial, the project should be registered with CTRI.
(iii) The sample size should be based on statistical justification.
(iv) The Clinical research should be conducted as per AYUSH guidelines for Clinical Research or ICMR guidelines.
(v) Compliance with relevant regulations for Bio-medical and Health Research.
(vi) Compliance to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.
(vii) Compliance to National Ethical Guidelines for Bio-medical and Health Research on Human Participation published by ICMR
(viii) Compliance with any other relvant regulations in force.
(ix) AYUSH registered practioner/expert should be part of the study team at each site .

It would be mandatory to the institution/organization to appraise the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India about he research developments as per research timeline and the outcome.

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