Kolhapur (Maharashtra) to administer homeopathic and ayurvedic immunity boosters to elderly

KOLHAPUR: The district administration has initiated a novel drive to provide ayurvedic and homeopathic concoction or formulations to boost the immunity in senior citizens and people with co-morbid conditions, who are either Covid-19 positive or are showing symptoms. District collector Daulat Desai has formed ‘Ayush’ team comprising health officials and experts that is visiting the quarantine centres and providing formulations of ayurveda and homeopathy to the target group. Yogesh Sale, the district health officer who is leading the task, said, “We have provided details of the immunity boosting formulations that are currently being provided to senior citizens who are under quarantine.” The health officer said that a mobile application is being developed to have the details of such formulations. Accredited social health activists, known as ASHA workers, will conduct door-to-door visits for the purpose. “The formulations will be provided in powdered or any other form. It will be available at the local level. Consuming such formulations will be helpful to boost the immunity among senior citizens and thereby keep them safe from Covid infection,” he said “After completing the drive in the quarantine centres located in the city we will shift our focus to the quarantine facilities in other parts of the district. At the same time ASHA workers will carry out their task. Senior citizens should ask the ASHA workers for the formulation after they finish using it and the more will be provided,” said Sale.

Ayurvedic and homeopathic ingredients, most of which are available in raw form in the market, will be used to make the formulations. Some of them are also used in making food.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolhapur/elderly-to-get-ayurveda-immunity-concoction/articleshow/75436687.cms


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