Clinical research protocol to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of individualized homeopathic medicine in the treatment and prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic

      Dr Marcus Zulian Teixeira -  
    • University of São PauloHospital das Clínicas (FMUSP)                         
      • Homeopathy is based on principles and a system of knowledge different from the ones supporting the conventional biomedical model: this epistemological conflict is the underlying reason explaining why it is so difficult to accept by present-day scientific reason. To legitimize homeopathy according to the standards of the latter, research must confirm the validity of its basic assumptions: principle of therapeutic similitude, trials of medicines on healthy individuals, individualized prescriptions and use of high dilutions. Correspondingly, basic research must supply experimental data and models to substantiate these principles of homeopathy, whilst clinical trials aim at confirming the efficacy and effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of disease.

    • Author had provided protocol for COVID - 19 management through homeopathy. Following link mention's the details of protocol and author previous research in field of homeopathy.

  • 10.13140/RG.2.2.27581.61925/1

  • Project: 
  • Clinical research protocol to evaluate the efficacy and safety of individualized homeopathic medicine in the treatment and prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic / Protocolo de pesquisa clínica para avaliar a eficácia e a segurança de medicamento homeopático individualizado no tratamento e na prevenção da epidemia de COVID-19   
      • Abstract:
    • In addition to the recognized application in chronic diseases, individualized homeopathy can also act in a resolutive or complementary way in acute cases, including epidemic diseases. However, to achieve this intent, it presents a specific semiologic and therapeutic methodology that must be followed and respected, with the risk of not presenting the desired efficacy and safety. In the case of epidemic diseases, which due to the virulence of their agents causes a common symptomatological picture in most susceptible individuals, the individualized homeopathic medicine (homeopathic medicine of the epidemic genius) should present similarity with the set of characteristic symptoms and signs of the patients affected in the different stages of each epidemic outbreak. Studies show the efficacy and safety of this prophylactic and/or therapeutic practice in several epidemics of the past. Therefore, after the survey of possible homeopathic drugs individualized from the epidemic genius of each epidemic, its prophylactic and/or large-scale therapeutic application should be supported by previous clinical trials that demonstrate its efficacy and safety, in line with the ethical and bioethical aspects of research involving human beings. Fulfilling these premises of good clinical practice, we developed the current protocol with the objective of investigating, in a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial, the effectiveness and safety of possible individualized homeopathic drugs of epidemic genius of COVID-19, in adjuvant and complementary treatment of patients affected by the disease. If effectiveness and safety are confirmed, and only in this condition, the medicine may be used in a generalized and collective manner in the treatment and prevention of the current epidemic.

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