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19 April 19, 2020 by Team Homeopathy 360

Author: Dr Rohit Gupta, BHMS,
Author of the book “KEYNOTES ADVANCE & COMPLETE” (new & updated edition of Allen’s Keynotes)

“Brief resume of the intended work”

Corona Virus Disease characterized by fever, cough, dyspnea, muscle ache, sore throat, headache of patient and positive RT-PCR test for covid19. The present strategy of Homoeopathy in the treatment of Corona virus disease and utility of Homoeopathic management in this type of case. This strategy is intended to perform proper case taking and individualization for prescribing the similimum. Each case will be assessed on the basis of Subjective, objective symptoms and Laboratory Investigations.

Definition: Coronaviruses are pleomorphic,  single-stranded RNA viruses. Corona virus, most frequently causes common cold. In general human corona viruses have been difficult to cultivate in vitro, and some strains grow only in human tracheal organ cultures rather than in tissue culture. People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness.

Cause: The mechanisms of transmission of SARS are incompletely understood. Clusters of cases suggest that spread may occur via both large and small-droplet aerosols and perhaps via the fecal-oral route as well. Corona virus infections appear to be particularly prevalent in late fall winter and early spring-times when rhinovirus infections are less common.

Symptoms & Signs: After an incubation period that generally lasts 1-14 daysSARS usually begins as a systemic illness marked by the onset of fever which is often accompanied by malaise headache and myalgias and is followed in 1-2 days by a nonproductive dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath. Approximately 25% of patients have diarrhea.

Complications: In severe cases, respiratory function may worsen during the second week of illness and progress to frank adult respiratory distress syndrome accompanied by multi-organ dysfunction. Risk factors for severe disease include an age of >50 years and co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease diabetes and hepatitis. Illness in pregnant women may be particularly severe.

Investigation: Laboratory tests are Blood tests for CBC(Complete blood count), RT-PCR test for covid-19, nasal or throat swab test, CXR.

Dietary recommendation: Plenty of liquids with vitamin c supplementation from natural sources.

Homoeopathic Management: There is no specific therapy for SARS with established efficacy. Homoeopathy is a science of therapeutics which assumes that a deviation from normal that can be restored to normal by means of stimuli, applied in the form of medicine, in very minute doses necessary to provoke a change in the state of disorder.  In treatment of corona virus disease, medicine will be prescribed on the basis of keynotes symptoms and for genus epidemicus, medicine will be prescribed on the basis of totality of symptoms of different constitution in different age groups of many cases.

In homoeopathy, medicine is obtained after drug proving (§105-§145) & prepared (§264-§271) according to guidelines laid down by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India (HPI), are selected on the basis of constitutional & PQRS symptoms obtained after proper case taking (§82-§104), and are administered (§272-§291) to the patient. After proper case taking totality is formed & finally the medicine has given in accordance with the principles of homoeopathy as given in ‘Organon of Medicine’ and giving due importance to underlying miasm.

5 step strategy for the treatment of coronavirus disease, based on knowledge & reference of Materia Medica, Organon Of Medicine and Allied subjects –
1. Coronavirus disease’s natural prophylaxis with an important suggestion for preparation & clinical trial of 2 Homeopathic prophylaxis – COVID 30 & Hydroxychloroquine 200 for Corona Virus disease to CCRH,
2. Homoeopathic Treatment for Corona Virus infection,
3. Differential Diagnosis of Corona Virus, Influenza, Swine Flu & Viral Fever with differential Homoeopathic treatment,
4. Post effect of Allopathic Treatment of Corona Virus by some Homoeopathic medicines,
5. The miasmatic approach in the context of the Organon Of Medicine in complicated cases of Corona Virus.

1. Natural prophylaxis: As per reference of Park’s Preventive & Social Medicine, (20th ed) Vitamin C has an important role to play tissue oxidation and a potent antioxidant, which can help in the prevention of Common Cold(coronavirus) if consume according to dietary requirements 40-60mg/day (1 medium size of Amla/Guava/Lemon). It also has been published on medicinenet.com, named ‘To test the efficacy of vitamin C infusions for the treatment of severe acute respiratory infection associated with the novel coronavirus‘ and on clinicaltrials.gov, named ‘Vitamin C infusion for the treatment of severe 2019-nCov Infected Pneumonia’. And as we know that coronavirus disease is made from RNA virus and some nosodes already prepared from RNA virus disease named, Lyssin from the saliva of a rabid dog, Morbililinun from the exudate of the mouth and pharynx of patients suffering from measles and not yet treated, and Infuenzinum under the reference of aphorism 266 of Organon Of Medicine. So this is my sincere suggestion to CCRH for manufacturing and clinical trial of COVID 30/covid.19 30ch and Hydroxychloroquine 200 for prevention of side effects of allopathic medicinal hazards if it will be given before allopathic treatment.

2. Differential diagnosis of CORONAVIRUS, INFLUENZA (Flu), SWINE FLU and VIRAL FEVER:
CORONA VIRUS DISEASE: common signs & symptoms are fever, body aches, malaise, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath (dyspnea), headache and approximately 25% of patients have diarrhea.
INFLUENZA (Flu): common signs & symptoms are fever/feverish feeling, body aches, malaise/fatigue, headache, runny(watery)/stuffy(mucus) nose, sore throat, and cough.
SWINE FLU: common signs & symptoms are fever, chills, body aches, malaise/fatigue, headache, sore throat, and cough.
VIRAL FEVER:   common signs & symptoms are fever, body aches, malaise/fatigue, runny(watery) nose, sneeze, and cough.
All symptoms which have been written in bold, are concomitant associated symptoms of the disease, necessary for differential disease diagnosis.

3. Homoeopathic treatment of coronavirus should be followed like treatment of any disease as written in aphorism 153, “the more striking, singular, uncommon, and peculiar characteristic signs and symptoms” in Organon Of Medicine, preferably under some homoeopathic medicine like: Allium Cepa, Ars.alb., Belladonna, Bryonia Alba, Gelsemium, Merc., Nux Vom, Pulsatilla, Rhus T, etc.

4. Homoeopathic treatment for Post/Side effects of Allopathic treatment of Corona Virus patient by Apocynum can., Ferrum Met, Ipecacuanha, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla as written under after abuse of quinine in the book ‘Keynotes Advance & Complete’ and Hydroxychloroquine 200 if prepared in future.

5. The miasmatic approach in the context of the Organon Of Medicine in complicated cases of Corona Virus, Dr Hahnemann has guided us for antipsoric aid ‘in such persons psora, striving to develop itself, always lies at the root of the malady, and their intermittent fever cannot be cured in the marshy district without antipsoric treatment and if the psora was not completely developed and can consequently return to its latent state in epidemic/endemic disease of Intermittent fever’ in aphorism 244 and its footnote of Organon Of Medicine. He has suggested for use of Sulphate of Quinine, and Chininum Sulph is the medicine which has been prepared from Sulphite of Quinine. And another medicine is Chininum Ars(Arsenite of Quinine) for prostration with the periodical asthmatic attack.

Genus epidemics of Corona virus disease has not decided under the guidelines written in aphorism 100-102 in Organon Of Medicine by any published clinical trial yet, which have been written as ‘Take a thorough case for totality of symptoms when investigating an Epidemic or Sporadic disease, it makes no difference if something similar has ever appeared before under the same name or any other new name.The sketch of the epidemic disease picture becomes complete with characteristics & peculiarities, like general symptoms. But an epidemic disease and the totality of its symptoms can’t be learned from single patient, only from the sufferings of several patients of different constitutions.

A Homoeopathic physician must have knowledge of diseases for diagnosis of corona virus disease, etc. as written in aphorism3,6,14,71,83,104 and as preserver of health(aphorism 4) follow all the preventive criteria of the disease.


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