Preventive homeopathy distributed at Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India

Dr. Mukundan and team distributed Homoeopathic preventive and immune booster medicine Ars alb 30c to Salem district Police department.


Kolhapur (Maharashtra) to administer homeopathic and ayurvedic immunity boosters to elderly

KOLHAPUR: The district administration has initiated a novel drive to provide ayurvedic and homeopathic concoction or formulations to boost the immunity in senior citizens and people with co-morbid conditions, who are either Covid-19 positive or are showing symptoms. District collector Daulat Desai has formed ‘Ayush’ team comprising health officials and experts that is visiting the quarantine centres and providing formulations of ayurveda and homeopathy to the target group. Yogesh Sale, the district health officer who is leading the task, said, “We have provided details of the immunity boosting formulations that are currently being provided to senior citizens who are under quarantine.” The health officer said that a mobile application is being developed to have the details of such formulations. Accredited social health activists, known as ASHA workers, will conduct door-to-door visits for the purpose. “The formulations will be provided in powdered or any other form. It will be available at the local level. Consuming such formulations will be helpful to boost the immunity among senior citizens and thereby keep them safe from Covid infection,” he said “After completing the drive in the quarantine centres located in the city we will shift our focus to the quarantine facilities in other parts of the district. At the same time ASHA workers will carry out their task. Senior citizens should ask the ASHA workers for the formulation after they finish using it and the more will be provided,” said Sale.

Ayurvedic and homeopathic ingredients, most of which are available in raw form in the market, will be used to make the formulations. Some of them are also used in making food.


U''khand Cabinet sanctions 2.48 cr to buy resistance drugs for corona warriors

Dehradun, Apr 29 (PTI) The Uttarakhand government on Wednesday sanctioned Rs 2.48 crore for buying some homeopathy and auyrvedic medicines that can boost corona warriors’ immunity against infection. The decision was taken at a Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, Cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik told reporters after the meeting. The amount will be spent over buying medicines like Arsenic Album 30 of homeopathy, besides Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Kadha in Ayurveda to build resistance among frontline healthcare workers engegd in the anti-COVID fight. The minister said the Centre has given its nod to start COVID-19 testing at Srinagar Medical College from April 30 and is likely to give its clearance soon for carrying out COVID-19 tests at Almora and Haridwar also. There are 16 dedicated COVID hospitals in the state at present besides 3,944 isolation beds and 19,219 quarantine beds. The total number of positive COVID-19 cases in the state stands at 54, out of which 34 have recovered, he said. The Cabinet also sanctioned five posts each including those of principal and dean for the government medical colleges at Haridwar, Rudrapur and Pithoragarh, to be built at a cost of Rs 325 crore, said Kaushik. The Centre has already released a contribution of Rs 292.50 crore for these colleges. Initially, all these three colleges will have 100 MBBS seats each. The Cabinet also decided to give an additional subsidy of 25 percent to farmers to purchase seeds for Kharif crops. It also gave its approval for construction of 72 mw Tyuni-Palasu and the 80mw Arakot-Tyuni hydel projects to Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam. PTI ALM RAX RAX


Kerala Govt Distributes Homeopathy Medicines To 45 Lakh People To Boost Immunity

To build immunity amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Kerala Government is giving a massive push to the homeopathic medicine. The state government distributed homeopathy medicine to over 45 lakh people across the state as 'immunity boosters'. This distribution was carried out by the MLAs of each district with the help of resident associations. Kerala on Tuesday reported four more positive cases of COVID-19, taking the total aggregate in the state to 485.

"The Homeopathy Department is giving Arsenicum Album 30C as a preventive medicine to boost immunity which the centre had approved. In Thiruvananthapuram, four mobile units have also been set up to distribute the medicine to homes," said CS Pradeep, District medical officer, Department of homoeopathy.

Dr. B Vijayakumar, a member of the State level expert group of the Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA's) revealed that Homoeopathy has had a long history in treating and preventing epidemics ever since its inception including those such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Chickenpox and Typhoid. "Its effectiveness in the management of viral diseases has proved beyond doubt many a time. Homeopathy, being one of the most sought after the alternative system of medicine all over the world,

VK Prasanth, MLA who has been the former mayor of Thiruvananthapuram was the first to launch the distribution of Homeopathy medicine in his constituency. "The centre has recognised the homoeopathy medicine to boost the immunity and thereby work as a preventive. When I associated with it, first I was criticised, but now the medicine is in high demand across the state." said Prasanth.

The Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) is part of the Kerala Government's RAECH (Rapid Action Epidemic Control Cell, Homoeopathy) programme which officially looks after all the epidemic activities in Kerala.


After PM's push, more states line up Homeopathy and other AYUSH options in Covid-19 care

NEW DELHI: Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's repeated push to the AYUSH ministry guidelines, which suggest a range of home remedies to boost immunity, many states have started mass distribution of Ayurvedic medicines and homeopathy immunity boosters.

Many states are also administering the recommended concoctions and medicines to patients in government quarantine facilities with mild symptoms, those who are recovering from Covid-19 and also to their asymptomatic contacts.

Deputy director, AYUSH department in Madhya Pradesh, PC Sharma, told ET that the state has already started mass distribution of Ayurvedic products such as Sanshamani Vati and Anutel and packets of Trikatu, Also, nearly 700 patients quarantined in the severely-hit areas of Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain are being given Arogya-20, a concoction prepared by the state AYUSH department, with essential herbs twice a day, to boost immunity.

In Tamil Nadu, under the Arogyam campaign, nearly one lakh families living in containment zones are being given the herbal concoctions kabasura kudineer and nilavembu kudineer. Director of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy, S Ganesan, said the “siddha concoctions” were given to 13 lakh people in several districts of the state, especially to the primary and secondary contacts of Covid-19 patients. “Now, we have started the distribution in Chennai. We have also recommended these combinations to the central team which visited us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Karnataka has started house-to-house drive to spread awareness about AYUSH ministry guidelines. The department officials in the state are distributing Ayurvedic combinations of Sanshamani Vati and Ashwagandha, homeopathy medicine arsenic album and two Unani medicines to primary and secondary contacts in red zones. The department has already sought permission to administer Ayurvedic immunity boosters to patients in quarantine centres, according to an official. “Depending on official data and some inferences, we know where Ayurveda is popular in coastal areas. In Muslim areas, we are distributing Unani medicines,” an official said.

Punjab has already written to the Centre for procuring some of the Ayurvedic medicines recommended by the AYUSH ministry. ET has learnt that the state has also sought permission for some of these medicines to be used for treating contacts of Covid-19 patients.

Rajasthan’s secretary to the department of Ayurveda and Indian System of Medicine, Gayatri Rathore, said state pharmacies have come up with sachets of a traditional Ayurvedic concoction which has been distributed to over 15 lakh people, including frontline workers and police personnel. “There are also instructions given about the dosage. We are also telling people not to be complacent with immunity boosters, as social distancing and hand washing are important.”

The Rajasthan government has roped in more than 6,000 AYUSH doctors and compounders to assist the medical staff engaged in combating the pandemic. It has also allowed administering of AYUSH medicines to contacts of Covid-19 patients, in consultation with respective medical officer of the area. The state has also given permission to district officials to procure AYUSH medicines from local outlets, if there is a need.

Delhi AYUSH department head RK Manchanda said, “Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines are being given to those who are coming to AYUSH medical centres with mild symptoms and also to some patients in containment zones who don't have severe symptoms. We are focusing on an integrated approach and also looking at how our ancient wisdom can be validated in the context of contemporary realities.”

The Delhi government has also started a “happiness therapy” course comprising yoga and breathing exercises in some of its quarantine facilities.

Gujarat started administering ayurvedic medicines to asymptomatic patients in the hotspots of Ahmedabad. “The government has also distributed ayurvedic medicines to over 1.26 crore people in Gujarat,” said an official.

Telangana AYUSH medical officer N Lingaraju said, “Unani decoction, chyawanprash and arsenic album are being given to primary and secondary contacts.” Ayurveda and homeopathy colleges and institutions have been transformed into isolation wards. "If the symptoms are extreme and the tests are positive, then we are sending patients to other hospitals. For those who are being sent to home quarantine, after being tested negative, we are prescribing a list of traditional immunity boosters.”

Earlier this month, the AYUSH ministry had sent out a new advisory to states suggesting “add-on traditional medicine interventions to conventional care”. It had also urged the consumption of ‘chyawanprash’ in the morning and “herbal tea” or decoction made of tulsi, cinnamon, black pepper, dry ginger and milk with turmeric. The advisory also suggested the intake of the anti-malarial ayurvedic drug, AYUSH 64, developed by the ministry.


Clinical research protocol to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of individualized homeopathic medicine in the treatment and prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic

      Dr Marcus Zulian Teixeira -  
    • University of São PauloHospital das Clínicas (FMUSP)                         
      • Homeopathy is based on principles and a system of knowledge different from the ones supporting the conventional biomedical model: this epistemological conflict is the underlying reason explaining why it is so difficult to accept by present-day scientific reason. To legitimize homeopathy according to the standards of the latter, research must confirm the validity of its basic assumptions: principle of therapeutic similitude, trials of medicines on healthy individuals, individualized prescriptions and use of high dilutions. Correspondingly, basic research must supply experimental data and models to substantiate these principles of homeopathy, whilst clinical trials aim at confirming the efficacy and effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of disease.

    • Author had provided protocol for COVID - 19 management through homeopathy. Following link mention's the details of protocol and author previous research in field of homeopathy.

  • 10.13140/RG.2.2.27581.61925/1

  • Project: 
  • Clinical research protocol to evaluate the efficacy and safety of individualized homeopathic medicine in the treatment and prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic / Protocolo de pesquisa clínica para avaliar a eficácia e a segurança de medicamento homeopático individualizado no tratamento e na prevenção da epidemia de COVID-19   
      • Abstract:
    • In addition to the recognized application in chronic diseases, individualized homeopathy can also act in a resolutive or complementary way in acute cases, including epidemic diseases. However, to achieve this intent, it presents a specific semiologic and therapeutic methodology that must be followed and respected, with the risk of not presenting the desired efficacy and safety. In the case of epidemic diseases, which due to the virulence of their agents causes a common symptomatological picture in most susceptible individuals, the individualized homeopathic medicine (homeopathic medicine of the epidemic genius) should present similarity with the set of characteristic symptoms and signs of the patients affected in the different stages of each epidemic outbreak. Studies show the efficacy and safety of this prophylactic and/or therapeutic practice in several epidemics of the past. Therefore, after the survey of possible homeopathic drugs individualized from the epidemic genius of each epidemic, its prophylactic and/or large-scale therapeutic application should be supported by previous clinical trials that demonstrate its efficacy and safety, in line with the ethical and bioethical aspects of research involving human beings. Fulfilling these premises of good clinical practice, we developed the current protocol with the objective of investigating, in a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial, the effectiveness and safety of possible individualized homeopathic drugs of epidemic genius of COVID-19, in adjuvant and complementary treatment of patients affected by the disease. If effectiveness and safety are confirmed, and only in this condition, the medicine may be used in a generalized and collective manner in the treatment and prevention of the current epidemic.


  • From Research Lab - Dr Thomas Marangattil Varghese's Lab 
    • BHMS,MSc Clinical Psy, PhD Research Scholar

  • The world is facing the most versatile epidemic which had increase the incident of mortality due to SARS CoV- 2 leading to COVID 19. In such tough times all medical faculties are working on various research protocol and clinical trial conducting with Modern medicine and Complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM). Although various pharmaceutical companies are working for development of vaccine here we have a new protocol from homeopathic physician who has previous conducted research on dengue virus prevention. 

    • Dr Thomas Marangattil Varghese's 
    • Graduated in homoeoapthic medicine from Govt Homoeoapthic Medical College, Calicut further did Post graduation in clinical psychology from School of Behavioural Sciences, Kannur University and recently doing PhD research in learning disorders. His research is focused to develop a management program for dyslexic (reading disability) children of Malayalam medium schools in Kerala. 

  • Author highlights about the research proposal stating -
  • This is a research proposal which can be generally utilized for studying the efficacy of homoeopathic interventions for upregulating serum immunological markers in relation with COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 ADDENDUM TO Suggested Homoeopathic Treatment for Coronavirus Established Cases

By Dr Bashir A. Malik 

In current booming epidemic of SARS-CoV-2 various government authorities and private or independent researchers are coming up with protocol for management of COVID 19. Here we have a protocol describe by the author for COVID 19. 

Dr Bashir A Malik an independent researcher had made an attempt with his previous experience of working in research with these ultra high dilution medicines. The author has clinically established Bacillinum (Koch) very efficacious in rectifying the underlying genetic predisposition and restoration of necrosed lung tissue with large cavities and hemoptysis. Bacillinum (Koch) is generally indicated especially for lung diseases of old people, but the author found it equally efficacious to fight predisposition of allergic rhinitis, pneumonia and asthma in young ones.

Click the below link for accessing the document and for further clarification can contact the author -

H/Dr. Bashir A. Malik

D. Biochemistry (London)
D.Hom (London), F.BFS (London)

Ex-Member LIGA

Link - 1 -

Link - 2 -

Homeopathy successfully prevented COVID-19 - Gujarat's Principle Health Secretary

Gujarat Health Minister revealed the results of their experiment with Homeopathy which successfully prevented COVID-19. 2625 people were administered Arsenicum album. Results showed that homeopathy is highly effective in preventing COVID-19.

Watch the video:

Inauguration of Aarokyam scheme Homeopathy in Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu

Namakkal SP Thiru Arularasu. We thank our Honourable CM, Honourable Health Minister , Chief Secretary, Health Secretary and our Director of Indian medicine and Homoeopathy for issuing G O.- Immune Enhancement - Homoeopathy medicine Ars.alb 30C.Namakkal SP Thiru Arularasu Sir his consent to conduct special camp and distribute Homoeo medicine Ars.alb30 to corona virus warriors (police men) & their family all over Namakkal Dt.Today morning 6.45am at AR camp.Total No of Beneficiaries-300 Namakkal Police station-200 &Rasipuram police station-160 . We thank you our sponsor Namakkal SP Sir, DSMO sir, and HOMOEOPATHY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION NAMAKKAL District.

இன்று நாமக்கல் மாவட்ட ஹோமியோபதி மருத்துவர்கள் சங்கம் சார்பாக நாமக்கல் மாவட்ட காவல் துறையினருக்கு COVID 19 கொரானா வைரஸ் பரவலுக்கு தடுப்பாக ஹோமியோபதி எதிர்ப்புசக்தி மருந்து
மாவட்ட காவல் கண்காணிப்பாளர். உயர்திரு . அருளரசு IPS
அவர்கள் தலைமையில் வழங்கப்பட்டது.
கொரானாவை விரட்டுவோம்
மனிதம் காப்போம்..

Dr. Parthiban PK


Inauguration of Aarokyam scheme Homoeopathy in Namakkal Dt.Namakkal SP Thiru Arularasu Sir.We thank our Honourable CM,...
Posted by Parthiban Rk on Saturday, 25 April 2020

இன்று நாமக்கல் மாவட்ட ஹோமியோபதி மருத்துவர்கள் சங்கம் சார்பாக நாமக்கல் மாவட்ட காவல் துறையினருக்கு COVID 19 கொரானா வைரஸ்...

Posted by Parthiban Rk on Saturday, 25 April 2020

Homeopathic medicine at Civic hospital, Mumbai - Dean

Mumbai: In a letter addressed to the Director of the Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH) in New Delhi, the Dean of Seven Hills Hospital in Marol – a municipal hospital serving as a COVID-19 isolation hospital – has said that homeopathic medicine Zincum Muriaticum, at a dilution of 200 C, was given to some COVID-19 patients at the hospital, and that the recovery of these patients was a day or two earlier than other COVID-19 patients.

Joshi has also sought permission from the Director of the CCH – which is a statutory body under the Ministry of AYUSH – to administer the same medication to more COVID-19 patients at the hospital. In his letter, dated April 21, the Dean of Seven Hills wrote, "This is with regards to the use of homeopathic medicines Zincum Muriaticum 200c (Four pills three times a day). When we used this above mentioned homeopathic medication to the COVID-19 positive patients in the SevenHills COVID-19 isolation hospital, Mumbai, it was observed that the recovery of patients was a day or two before other positive patients."

"We have used this medication for 24 patients, wherein the above outcome was observed. This will be followed with more number of patients with your permission," Joshi’s letter states. When contacted, Joshi told The Free Press Journal: "I believe in homeopathy, and I have trust and faith in this. I have given it to some of the patients, and the results were effective."

"I have heard that the ministry is also looking into it, and has said that practitioners of other streams of medicine can also come forward if they have any ideas on how to cure coronavirus patients. I am aware that discussions are on with the central government, and that a letter has been sent in this regard by the Dean", said Daksha Shah, Deputy Executive Health Officer, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

There is no vaccine or specific treatment proven to prevent or cure Covid-19 currently. Doctors in Mumbai have had a fair measure of success in curing patients with a combination of drugs used to treat swine flu, malaria, and HIV. For want of a specific vaccine or medication for Covid-19, doctors have been forced to fall back on hydroxychloroquine, oseltamivir, and Lopinavir and other medicines as the course of treatment so far. The same line of treatment is being used for patients ranging in age between 35 and 70. The treatment protocol of some of the cured patients shows that this cocktail of drugs has been successful in fighting the virus.


Worthy homeopathic proposals will be short-listed for ICMR Study - Dr. Harsh Vardhan

ICMR will shortlist worthy proposals of homeopathy and ayurveda, said Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.

When asked if it is advisable to use ayurveda and homeopathy to treat coronavirus, he said the government has a “very open mind” on the subject.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Ministry of AYUSH are already in the process of developing research protocols for establishing and validating the claims of various ayurveda and homeopathic practitioners for Covid-19 solutions. “Worthy proposals sent to us are being shortlisted,” he added.

The ministry has already issued guidelines on how to improve body resistance and strengthen immune capacity, the minister said.

“The Hon’ble Prime Minister has, time and again, appealed to people to follow the guidelines. We have full faith in the overall strength of ayurveda and homeopathy as definite systems of medicine,” he said.



Welcome to CovidHomeo!

Almost the whole world is suffering from pandemic known as COVID-19 by one or the other way, irrespective of economic, technologic, weapon, political advantages they have. Homeopathic remedies have been used as prophylactic to prevent the epidemic since centuries. This site gives information on homeopathy in respect to COVID-19.

Tracing the history it was Hahnemann who first applied the genus epidemicus in 1799 during a scarlet fever epidemic he treated in the German town Königslutter. It is an interesting story that how how Dr. Hahnemann had accidentally discovered the genus epidemicus. A few members of large family with scarlet fever approached Dr. Hahnemann for treatment. He noticed that a child already under the doses Belladonna for other problem did not develop symptoms of scarlet fever. That was the moment he discovered Belladonna as a prophylactic for the entire family which he administered to all of them. Hahnemann concluded that a remedy that rapidly cures at the onset of an illness would be the best preventative.

Homeopathy was successfully applied during the epidemic of Spanish flu in 1918-19, where around 20 million people died globally. Mortality rate in homeopathic treated population was 1-2%, whereas it was 30-60% in people treated by conventional physicians. Chikungunya, dengue fever, acute encephalitis/japanese encephalitis, cholera and dengue were also successfully managed with homeopathy.

Recenlty Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India has published the recommendation of Expert Committee constituted by CCRH for the using of Arsenicum album 30CH as Genus epidemicus for prevention. Following that, many governments and autonomous bodies under different governments have used this as prophylactic. Apart from that, many other stalwarts have suggested possible role of other drugs in the current situation. A group of homeopaths from Italy have published an observational study of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients. None of the patients was required hospitalization.

This site contains database on homeoeopathy in respect to COVID-19.

Arsenicum album 30 distributed in Erode, Tamil Nadu

As per G.O. AAROKYAM, today (24.04.2020) Coimbatore Homeopathy Doctor’s on behalf of IHML handed over 100 Homeopathic Immunity Booster medicine Arsenicum Album 30 to the Minister Thiru S.P. Velumani and to the Hon. District Collector Rajamani IAS and a letter was submitted requesting permission to distribute immunity Booster medicine to the public for protection against COVID-19. Our sincere thanks to all the Homeopathic Doctors and to Ayush Homeopathy Pharmacy for arranging the medicine and for timely help. Special Thanks to Dr. Thamaraiselvan, Dr. Aruna Priya, Dr. Sudharsana Elangovan, Dr. Parthiban, Dr. Anichamalar Parthiban, Dr. Arunagaran, Dr. A.Kannan. Fm: Dr. Bibin T. Varghese.


Preventive homeopathic medicines distributed to front line warriors at Salem, Tamil Nadu

Dear doctors,

On behalf of Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association(IHMA)  Salem chapter, today we had distributed "Arsenicum album 30" for more than 120 frontline warriors as immune boosters as per the  recommendation  given by Ministry of Ayush guidelines.  We would like to extend our gratitute to all the police stations (covering nearly 1700 beneficiaries) in salem for distributing  the medicines  without any hassles by maintaining  proper  social distancing and using protective  gears.

Special thanks to 

For their active initiative and contributions.

Now we look forward  to reaching out to more people who may benefit from our service.

Dr.V.M.Sasikumar (President)
Dr.C.A.Madhan (Secretary)
IHMA- Salem chapter


Tamil Nadu Govt approves homeopathy and other AYUSH medicines for COVID 19

Today the government of Tamil Nadu issued an order to use homeopathy and other AYUSH medicines.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran explains his experiences on COVID-19

A details interview of Dr. Rajan Sankaran on the use of homeopathy in COVID-19

Dr. Rajan Sankaran short interview to ABP News

Dr. Rajan Sankaran's views on COVID-19 to ABP News

Posted by Homeopathy Development Association on Tuesday, 21 April 2020

5 Step Strategy for Prevention and Homoeopathic Treatment Of Coronavirus Disease Covid 19 - Dr. Rohit Gupta

19 April 19, 2020 by Team Homeopathy 360

Author: Dr Rohit Gupta, BHMS,
Author of the book “KEYNOTES ADVANCE & COMPLETE” (new & updated edition of Allen’s Keynotes)

“Brief resume of the intended work”

Corona Virus Disease characterized by fever, cough, dyspnea, muscle ache, sore throat, headache of patient and positive RT-PCR test for covid19. The present strategy of Homoeopathy in the treatment of Corona virus disease and utility of Homoeopathic management in this type of case. This strategy is intended to perform proper case taking and individualization for prescribing the similimum. Each case will be assessed on the basis of Subjective, objective symptoms and Laboratory Investigations.

Definition: Coronaviruses are pleomorphic,  single-stranded RNA viruses. Corona virus, most frequently causes common cold. In general human corona viruses have been difficult to cultivate in vitro, and some strains grow only in human tracheal organ cultures rather than in tissue culture. People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported – ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness.

Cause: The mechanisms of transmission of SARS are incompletely understood. Clusters of cases suggest that spread may occur via both large and small-droplet aerosols and perhaps via the fecal-oral route as well. Corona virus infections appear to be particularly prevalent in late fall winter and early spring-times when rhinovirus infections are less common.

Symptoms & Signs: After an incubation period that generally lasts 1-14 daysSARS usually begins as a systemic illness marked by the onset of fever which is often accompanied by malaise headache and myalgias and is followed in 1-2 days by a nonproductive dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath. Approximately 25% of patients have diarrhea.

Complications: In severe cases, respiratory function may worsen during the second week of illness and progress to frank adult respiratory distress syndrome accompanied by multi-organ dysfunction. Risk factors for severe disease include an age of >50 years and co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease diabetes and hepatitis. Illness in pregnant women may be particularly severe.

Investigation: Laboratory tests are Blood tests for CBC(Complete blood count), RT-PCR test for covid-19, nasal or throat swab test, CXR.

Dietary recommendation: Plenty of liquids with vitamin c supplementation from natural sources.

Homoeopathic Management: There is no specific therapy for SARS with established efficacy. Homoeopathy is a science of therapeutics which assumes that a deviation from normal that can be restored to normal by means of stimuli, applied in the form of medicine, in very minute doses necessary to provoke a change in the state of disorder.  In treatment of corona virus disease, medicine will be prescribed on the basis of keynotes symptoms and for genus epidemicus, medicine will be prescribed on the basis of totality of symptoms of different constitution in different age groups of many cases.

In homoeopathy, medicine is obtained after drug proving (§105-§145) & prepared (§264-§271) according to guidelines laid down by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India (HPI), are selected on the basis of constitutional & PQRS symptoms obtained after proper case taking (§82-§104), and are administered (§272-§291) to the patient. After proper case taking totality is formed & finally the medicine has given in accordance with the principles of homoeopathy as given in ‘Organon of Medicine’ and giving due importance to underlying miasm.

5 step strategy for the treatment of coronavirus disease, based on knowledge & reference of Materia Medica, Organon Of Medicine and Allied subjects –
1. Coronavirus disease’s natural prophylaxis with an important suggestion for preparation & clinical trial of 2 Homeopathic prophylaxis – COVID 30 & Hydroxychloroquine 200 for Corona Virus disease to CCRH,
2. Homoeopathic Treatment for Corona Virus infection,
3. Differential Diagnosis of Corona Virus, Influenza, Swine Flu & Viral Fever with differential Homoeopathic treatment,
4. Post effect of Allopathic Treatment of Corona Virus by some Homoeopathic medicines,
5. The miasmatic approach in the context of the Organon Of Medicine in complicated cases of Corona Virus.

1. Natural prophylaxis: As per reference of Park’s Preventive & Social Medicine, (20th ed) Vitamin C has an important role to play tissue oxidation and a potent antioxidant, which can help in the prevention of Common Cold(coronavirus) if consume according to dietary requirements 40-60mg/day (1 medium size of Amla/Guava/Lemon). It also has been published on, named ‘To test the efficacy of vitamin C infusions for the treatment of severe acute respiratory infection associated with the novel coronavirus‘ and on, named ‘Vitamin C infusion for the treatment of severe 2019-nCov Infected Pneumonia’. And as we know that coronavirus disease is made from RNA virus and some nosodes already prepared from RNA virus disease named, Lyssin from the saliva of a rabid dog, Morbililinun from the exudate of the mouth and pharynx of patients suffering from measles and not yet treated, and Infuenzinum under the reference of aphorism 266 of Organon Of Medicine. So this is my sincere suggestion to CCRH for manufacturing and clinical trial of COVID 30/covid.19 30ch and Hydroxychloroquine 200 for prevention of side effects of allopathic medicinal hazards if it will be given before allopathic treatment.

2. Differential diagnosis of CORONAVIRUS, INFLUENZA (Flu), SWINE FLU and VIRAL FEVER:
CORONA VIRUS DISEASE: common signs & symptoms are fever, body aches, malaise, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath (dyspnea), headache and approximately 25% of patients have diarrhea.
INFLUENZA (Flu): common signs & symptoms are fever/feverish feeling, body aches, malaise/fatigue, headache, runny(watery)/stuffy(mucus) nose, sore throat, and cough.
SWINE FLU: common signs & symptoms are fever, chills, body aches, malaise/fatigue, headache, sore throat, and cough.
VIRAL FEVER:   common signs & symptoms are fever, body aches, malaise/fatigue, runny(watery) nose, sneeze, and cough.
All symptoms which have been written in bold, are concomitant associated symptoms of the disease, necessary for differential disease diagnosis.

3. Homoeopathic treatment of coronavirus should be followed like treatment of any disease as written in aphorism 153, “the more striking, singular, uncommon, and peculiar characteristic signs and symptoms” in Organon Of Medicine, preferably under some homoeopathic medicine like: Allium Cepa, Ars.alb., Belladonna, Bryonia Alba, Gelsemium, Merc., Nux Vom, Pulsatilla, Rhus T, etc.

4. Homoeopathic treatment for Post/Side effects of Allopathic treatment of Corona Virus patient by Apocynum can., Ferrum Met, Ipecacuanha, Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla as written under after abuse of quinine in the book ‘Keynotes Advance & Complete’ and Hydroxychloroquine 200 if prepared in future.

5. The miasmatic approach in the context of the Organon Of Medicine in complicated cases of Corona Virus, Dr Hahnemann has guided us for antipsoric aid ‘in such persons psora, striving to develop itself, always lies at the root of the malady, and their intermittent fever cannot be cured in the marshy district without antipsoric treatment and if the psora was not completely developed and can consequently return to its latent state in epidemic/endemic disease of Intermittent fever’ in aphorism 244 and its footnote of Organon Of Medicine. He has suggested for use of Sulphate of Quinine, and Chininum Sulph is the medicine which has been prepared from Sulphite of Quinine. And another medicine is Chininum Ars(Arsenite of Quinine) for prostration with the periodical asthmatic attack.

Genus epidemics of Corona virus disease has not decided under the guidelines written in aphorism 100-102 in Organon Of Medicine by any published clinical trial yet, which have been written as ‘Take a thorough case for totality of symptoms when investigating an Epidemic or Sporadic disease, it makes no difference if something similar has ever appeared before under the same name or any other new name.The sketch of the epidemic disease picture becomes complete with characteristics & peculiarities, like general symptoms. But an epidemic disease and the totality of its symptoms can’t be learned from single patient, only from the sufferings of several patients of different constitutions.

A Homoeopathic physician must have knowledge of diseases for diagnosis of corona virus disease, etc. as written in aphorism3,6,14,71,83,104 and as preserver of health(aphorism 4) follow all the preventive criteria of the disease.


HARRISON’s Principles of internal medicine, 19th ed.
PARK, Preventive and Social Medicine, 20th ed.
TEXT BOOK OF PATHOLOGY, Harsh Mohan, 5th ed.
Organon Of Medicine by Samuel Hahnemann, 5th & 6th ed.
Keynotes Advance & Complete, 1st ed.

Invitation for research proposals under EMR Scheme of Ministry of AYUSH

Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India has Invited research proposals under EMR Scheme

Covid-19 and Homoeopathy by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam

The pandemic of COVID-19 expands aggressively all over, whose impact can also be seen through the increasing number of infected patients around us.

All the medical services have been trying hard to overcome this mishap, but nobody is achieved the desirable outcome.

The natural and gentle way of homoeopathic healing helps they individual to recover his health without any side effect or harm.
Homoeopathy is very helpful in such pandemic crisis.

As a homoeopath we are not able to research upon this due less number of opportunities.

Confusion about Genus Epidemicus:
Now we are going through a time, were different stalwarts are recommending different remedies, so their is a mere confusion in all homoeopaths about Genus epidemicus.

During the epidemic of Scarlet fever, after treating numerous patients Dr Samuel Hahnemann observed that patients with similar clinical presentation approached to him.
So he experienced and found that Belladonna medicine worked very well in curing those patients.
According to Dr Hahnemann this remedy could not only cure the pts but also used as a effective prophylactic medicine.
Henceforth this remedy, he termed as genus epidemicus for that epidemic situation.

The knowledge which is essential for enabling us to choose a most suitable homoeopathic remedy can only be obtained by complete survey of disease picture, of not only a single patient, but perfectly deducing it from several number of patients.
After thoroughly individualized examination of each patient, only then can a homeopath, succeed in finding a suitable homoeopathic remedy.

Thus, The Genus Epidemicus can be only identified after studying the symptom picture of outbreak closely.

In the present scenario, WHO has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic disease.
Even though homoeopathy can treat and control such viral outbreak, but Homoeopathic fraternity Is lacking in clinical trials for treating COVID-19.
So as of now we can't declare any remedy as a Genus epidemicus.

How Homoeopathy can Help?
As per the current available data on manifestation of corona virus, we can give Homoeopathic treatment and prophylaxis for it.

The symptoms of COVID-19 are:
• Dry cough
• Shortness of breath
• Fever
• Sore throat
• Headache
• Fatique
• Bodyache and pain
• Dirrohea
• Runnny or stuffy nose

- Pneumonia
- Kidney Failure
- Sepsis
Above symptoms and complications clearly tells us about the severity and acute emergency of disease. So we should select the remedy which covers the similar pathophysiological state of disease.

Treatment in Homoeopathy:
As per my experience considering the totality of COVID-19, the most probable remedy is Naphthalinum 30c.
(Ref. Clarke's Materia Medica)
• Acute High grade fever with cough.
• Respiration: laboured and irregular;
• Cough in incessant paroxysms almost arresting breath.
• Night cough preventing sleep.
• Cough with blue or purple face.
• Expectoration: free, thick, tenacious; almost absent.
• Cough in violent paroxysms compelling the patient to hold his head for the pain.
• Fever: Sudden onset of fever,
• Headache
Note: It is not a Genus epidemicus.

Homoeopathic Prophylaxis:
The principles of Homoeopathy works on maintaining the Immunity of individual, so can be used as a effective prophylactic medicine.
Homoeopathic prophylaxis includes selection of individualized remedy by considering the peculiar characters of a person.

Few General characters which should not missed out during selection are:
Thermal, Thirst, Modalities, Sleep, Food agg, Desire, Aversion.

Some Remedies which can be consider:
Aconite, Antim.Tart, Arsenic, Ars.Iod, Belladonna, Bryonia, Camphora, Carb.Veg, Dulcamara, Drosera, Gelsemium, Hep.Sul, Kali.Bich, Kali.Carb, Mephitis, Merc, Merc I.R., Naphthalinum, Nux Vom, Phos, Puls, RhusTox, Rumex, Spongia, Stan.Met.
(Note: It should be taken under the guidance and observation of Homoeopathic physician.)

Potency selection:
Selection of potency should depend upon the factors which are:
- Suitable for all Age groups.
- Works in all susceptibility.
- Do not show Homoeopathic aggravation.
- Has the capacity to work on acute severe conditions.
So considering these few things as per our experience 30c potency which is medium potency is covering all possibilities.

Together we can.. and We will..
As there is No proper treatment for Covid-19, I request WHO to extend their research with the help of all pathies.

Homoeopathy is a science and art, so their is possibility of difference in remedies according to every homoeopath but to conquer on this worldwide crisis, we as a fraternity need to come together.
We must keep a record of our treatment with proper evidence. And we should discuss this, work on it, takes the opinion of other Homeopaths about it, which would help us for further research as a prophylaxis and treatment.

Let the world know, Homoeopathy can be a primary treatment for such crises.


Rajiv Bajaj shares his views on homeopathy

Government of Andhra Pradesh distributes homeopathic preventive for COVID-19.

Great initiative by Government of Andhra Pradesh. Homeopathic preventive medicine for COVID-19. Ars Alb 30 single dose in morning  daily for 3 days.

Kerala Govt passes order for homeopathy strategies for COVID-19

Government of Kerala is pleased to appove the homeopathy strategies for COVID-19

Telemedicine Practice Guidelines - Amendment in Homoeopathic Practitioners (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics) Regulation 1982

The Board of Governors, CCH has adopted the “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines” for homoeopathic practitioners.

1. These guidelines have been prepared to combat the current need in the wake of COVID19 outbreak but the overarching principles would remain common to all future reference.

2. To provide statutory basis to the “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines”, the same is required to be included as an amendment to the Homoeopathic Practitioners (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics) Regulation 1982, by adding Regulation 29A titled as “Consultation by Telemedicine” in the said Regulations. The “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines” will be included as “Appendix 3” to the Homoeopathic Practitioners (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics) Regulation 1982, as these Regulations has two Appendices already included.

3. The draft notification of the proposed amendment in the Homoeopathic Practitioners (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Code of Ethics) Regulation 1982, along with the BoG, CCH approved “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines” was placed for the approval of Central Government in the Ministry of AYUSH. The competent authority in the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India has accorded approval for issuance of guidelines.

4. In view of the urgency, for providing statutory basis to the “Telemedicine Practice Guidelines”, it is being placed on the website of the Central Council of Homoeopathy for information and usage by the Registered Homoeopathic Practitioners under the HCC Act, 1973, the patients and other healthcare professionals.

Ministry of AYUSH notifies that scientists, researchers, clinicians can undertake research on COVID-19 thorugh homeopathy and other AYUSH Systems - Sources

Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, has notified today to undertake research on COVID-19 through homeopathy and other AYUSH systems including prophylactic measures, intervention during quarantine, asymptomatic and symptomatic cases of COVID-19, public health research, survey, lab based research, etc. to generate evidence.

Further it states that while undertaking research, it is mandatory for the organisations to comply with following conditions:

(i) The proposals should be approved by their scientific advisory bodies and institutional Ethics Committees.
(ii) If it is clinical trial, the project should be registered with CTRI.
(iii) The sample size should be based on statistical justification.
(iv) The Clinical research should be conducted as per AYUSH guidelines for Clinical Research or ICMR guidelines.
(v) Compliance with relevant regulations for Bio-medical and Health Research.
(vi) Compliance to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.
(vii) Compliance to National Ethical Guidelines for Bio-medical and Health Research on Human Participation published by ICMR
(viii) Compliance with any other relvant regulations in force.
(ix) AYUSH registered practioner/expert should be part of the study team at each site .

It would be mandatory to the institution/organization to appraise the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India about he research developments as per research timeline and the outcome.

Govt. of Goa has approved usage of Homeopathy and other AYUSH medicines

Happy to announce that the Govt. of Goa has approved usage of AYUSH medicines along with allopathy for the treatment of COVID 19 patients in Goa, one of the first states to do so.


Happy to announce that the Govt. of Goa has approved usage of AYUSH medicines along with allopathy for the treatment of COVID 19 patients in Goa, one of the first states to do so.
Posted by Shripad Naik on Thursday, 9 April 2020